First Monday was pleased to host the Honorable Jason Elliott, State Representative from district 22. Rep. Elliott gave a great update on the bills that had been passed by the House and those that are in the hopper to be brought to the floor for discussion and voting. Some of the issues Rep. Elliott touched on were fixing our roads and making sure Greenville received our fair share of state road funding. Women’s sports — making it illegal for boys and men to play on girls and women’s athletic teams from kindergarten through college. Worked for bond reform and to declare fentanyl a Schedule-1 Drug and created the felony offense of trafficking in fentanyl. Jason along with his colleagues worked for the Election Security bill, which puts those who commit election fraud in jail, provides for audits, cleans up the voter rolls, bans ballot drop boxes. He helped lead the successful effort to pass Constitutional Carry in the SC House. And he worked to provide eligible elementary and secondary students with scholarships to cover education expenses at the school of their choice, and voted to stop CRT in our schools.

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