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First Monday is a Republican Business Forum allowing members of the club to become acquainted with and participate in discussions with elected officials, business leaders, candidates and party leaders.

Lisa Stevens – Capital project sales tax commission member

First Monday was pleased to host Lisa Stevens who is a member of the Greenville County Capital project sales tax commission. She gave a great update on what the Commission was tasked to do by County Council to inform the public of the options for road repair. It was an informative meeting so we could learn about the proposed ballot question that will be sent to Greenville County Council.

She explained in order to give voters a manageable ballot question to consider, staff recommended breaking the measure down into the following six purposes and proposed funding for those purposes:

1,401 road repaving and reconstruction projects — $459.4 million

42 intersection improvement projects — $167.3 million

30 roadway safety and congestion relief projects — $287.8 million

Bridge and road-related drainage projects — $83.1 million

Pavement preservation projects — $39.8 million

Road safety and improvement projects (e.g. rumble strips, signage, guardrails etc.) — $39.9 million

The projects included in each of these purposes are prioritized in four tiers, with the highest priority Tier I projects totaling $231 million involving 316 road resurfacing projects, 13 intersection improvements, four safety and congestion relief projects and 12 bridge and road-related drainage projects.

Updates on the commission’s work and a complete list of proposed projects can be found at

Some information was taken from the Greenville Journal.

First Monday Member Candidates for Public Office 2024

First Monday was pleased to host the 2024 First Monday member candidates for Public Office at our overflow meeting. First Monday is a membership organization and we appreciate those who are kind enough to support us. Please see the list of those members who spoke.

County-wide races – Hobart Lewis for Sheriff, Brice Garrett for Clerk of Court, and Mike Ellis for Coroner.

The SC Senate – Jason Elliott for Senate District 6, Hope Blackley Senate District 12 and Skip Davenport Senate District 12.

House of Representatives – Pam Anthony for South Carolina House District 10,  Sarah Curran for South Carolina House District 20, Paul Wickensimer for South Carolina House District 22 and Kerri Smith for South Carolina House District 28.

County Council – Alex Reynolds for County Council District 20, Chris Harrison for County Council District 21, Curt McGahhey for County Council District 21, Frank Farmer for County Council District 22, Jay Rogers for County Council District 22, Liz Seman for County Council District 24,  and Butch Kirven for County Council District 27.

Mr. Howell Clyborne

First Monday was pleased to host Mr. Howell Clyborne of Integral Leaders in Health – which created a hospital-doctor affiliation system that helps doctors and patients understand the current medical care situation and find a way to prioritize patient well-being going forward. If we define medical care as the perception patients have of our healthcare system, then our situation is dire as 70%-90% of the populace have an unfavorable opinion of their medical care due to lack of availability, corporatization, depersonalization, exploitation of non-clinicians and poor communications seemingly conspire to undermine patient well-being. And while all of these are important, none is probably more contributory than the clinical burnout experienced by so many good doctors who have lost autonomy and the sense of meaning in their work. This is why Integral Leaders in Health was created by doctors to help the situation.

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