The News

First Monday is a Republican Business Forum allowing members of the club to become acquainted with and participate in discussions with elected officials, business leaders, candidates and party leaders.

Mr. Phillip Kilgore, Chairman of the Greenville Water Commission

First Monday was pleased to welcome our friend and speaker Mr. Phillip Kilgore – Chairman of the Greenville Water Commission. Mr. Kilgore gave an overview of the history of how water was found in Greenville and how the city was planned with the natural springs being used to support the new growing community. Greenville Water is blessed to have two protected Water Sheds in the northern part of Upstate and also pulls water from Lake Keowee to meet the needs of the upstate.

Certificate of Need

First Monday was pleased to welcome Mr. Charlie Katebi – a senior health policy analyst for Americans for Prosperity. He spoke about how his organization promotes costs savings at the state and federal level while increasing patient choices, lower costs, and expand access to quality health care. He spoke about the Certificate of Need and what it means for healthcare in SC and the nation.

Mr. Frank Rainwater

First Monday was pleased to welcome our friend and speaker Mr. Frank Rainwater, he is the Executive Director of the South Carolina Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office. He gave an update on the number of people moving here and what the needs are for the state job-wise. His overview showed the top places out of town folks are moving to in the state and needs and opportunities that they bring.

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