First Monday was pleased to host Lisa Stevens who is a member of the Greenville County Capital project sales tax commission. She gave a great update on what the Commission was tasked to do by County Council to inform the public of the options for road repair. It was an informative meeting so we could learn about the proposed ballot question that will be sent to Greenville County Council.

She explained in order to give voters a manageable ballot question to consider, staff recommended breaking the measure down into the following six purposes and proposed funding for those purposes:

1,401 road repaving and reconstruction projects — $459.4 million

42 intersection improvement projects — $167.3 million

30 roadway safety and congestion relief projects — $287.8 million

Bridge and road-related drainage projects — $83.1 million

Pavement preservation projects — $39.8 million

Road safety and improvement projects (e.g. rumble strips, signage, guardrails etc.) — $39.9 million

The projects included in each of these purposes are prioritized in four tiers, with the highest priority Tier I projects totaling $231 million involving 316 road resurfacing projects, 13 intersection improvements, four safety and congestion relief projects and 12 bridge and road-related drainage projects.

Updates on the commission’s work and a complete list of proposed projects can be found at

Some information was taken from the Greenville Journal.

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