First Monday is a Republican Forum allowing members of the club to become acquainted with and participate in discussions with elected officials, candidates and party leaders.

Although the emphasis of the monthly meetings is to feature political speakers, First Monday frequently features individuals who discuss issues that will impact each of us.

First Monday is a Republican forum. We are open to any persons interested in learning more about the political process.

Deb Sofield
Deb Sofield
Jill Kintigh
Jill Kintigh
Paul Wickensimer
Paul Wickensimer

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First Monday is August 5, 2019

Please Note that we will NOT be meeting in July...but we look forward to seeing you on August 5th.

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First Monday meets at the Poinsett Club located on East Washington Street in historic downtown Greenville.

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Latest News

June, 3rd, 2019

Honor Flight

Great meeting today with Paul Howell of Honor Flight Upstate. To be a part of this worthy organization please follow their website at : They have many opportunities for you to be involved in being a blessing to those who have fought for our freedom.

May, 6th, 2019

Probate Judge the Honorable Debora Faulkner

Probate Judge the Honorable Debora Faulkner was our speaker for this meeting. She spoke about the role of the Probate Judge and what you need to have in order when you pass onto the next life. Some rules have changed - make sure your will and estate are ready...before you go.

April, 1st, 2019

City of Greenville Police Chief Ken Miller

Our topic was about law enforcements concerns about the legalization of medical marijuana (they are against it). It is important to keep up with the issues of the day and the pro and con from each side.

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